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ReFuels is the leading specialist in sourcing and supplying biomethane for transport in Europe.

Biomethane Sourcing

ReFuels is agile and understands the hurdles in the production and applications of Biomethane. Upstream the value chain ReFuels offers long term Unsupported (no feed-in tariff) Biomethane Purchasing Agreements. By doing so, we guarantee financial security for producers and investors while providing them a business model which is fully independent from government support systems.

Biomethane Supply

Downstream the value chain we create the link with CNG Distributors. This secures the demand and growth for biomethane in transport. The steady demand enables the bio-CNG fueling stations to invest and to grow which means that the network of CNG fueling stations expands. The consumers at the end of the value chain have security to invest in CNG-trucks.

Biomethane Trading

ReFuels releases producers and clients from managing their own exact production and take-off obligations. We balance the production and take off from multiple producers and clients. We level out the natural mismatch between one producer and one client and release both sides from facing single counterparty risk in the supply chain.

Sustainability Certification

We were the first to source and supply mass balanced Biomethane with ISCC Certification and Proof of Sustainability. RTFS supports producers with access to other (European) markets. We provide consultancy services to encourage producers to get sustainability certification compliant with National and European legislation. RTFS provides assistance with various parts of the certification process such as greenhouse gas emissions calculations, Mass Balance approach and a trusted framework for sustainability reporting.


RTFS is experienced in maintaining the chain of custody throughout the supply chain. We are ISCC EU certified, which means it can be part of and manage the biomethane supply chain in Europe. RTFS is present at every part of the supply chain, from upstream (production) to downstream (end-users). We provide each party in the supply chain with operational services.

Project Development

When producers initialize a new project they most of the time enter an unknown territory. RTFS can primarily provide a long-term sourcing contract for the biomethane that will provide the necessary security for funding partners. RTFS as well provides assistance with applying for different support schemes or for the benefit of the project RTFS takes a share in the project by providing funds itself.

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