ReFuels and partners in UK green hydrogen project awarded more than GBP 30 million in innovation funding

19 October 2023 – Refuels N.V., one of Europe's leading suppliers of renewable biomethane (Bio-CNG) for the decarbonisation of heavy goods vehicles (HGV), is pleased to announce that the Hydrogen Aggregated UK Logistics (HyHAUL) project has been awarded funding of more than GBP 30 million from the Department for Transport and Innovate UK to initiate the roll-out of hydrogen fuel cell trucks. This funding is part of the UK Government’s zero-emission HGV and infrastructure demonstrator programme.

HyHAUL is led by Protium and Marubeni Europower Ltd and brings together the long-distance hydrogen HGV value chain, including green hydrogen generation, hydrogen logistics, refuelling infrastructure providers and multiple fuel cell HGV manufacturers. ReFuels’ subsidiary CNG Fuels is a first-phase consortium partner together with Scania, NRG Riverside and Reynolds Logistics.

Through the CNG Fuels brand, ReFuels operates 12 public access stations fuelling renewable biomethane (Bio-CNG) on major trucking routes in the UK, with the potential to expand the offering to include hydrogen and electricity for zero-emission mobility. By end-2026, the target is to have 30-40 stations across the UK and long term expand into other European markets.

“The HyHAUL project is an important step towards establishing viable solutions for hydrogen, including testing of the vehicle lifecycle. It is fully aligned with our vision of driving HGV fleet emissions to zero. We are already rolling out a green station network along the UK’s major trucking routes, initially offering low-carbon Bio-CNG, but also adapted to a green multi-fuel future where hydrogen and electricity are integrated as these technologies become commercially available for heavy-duty trucks,” said Philip Fjeld, CEO of ReFuels.

As part of the programme, HyHAUL will initially roll out 30 hydrogen fuel cell HGVs to haulage operators primarily operating along the M4 corridor by 2026, with further ambition to deploy 300 vehicles by 2030.
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Baden Gowrie-Smith, MD & CFO, Refuels N.V.
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About ReFuels
ReFuels is decarbonizing Europe's truck fleet by developing, owning, and operating green station infrastructure. We are rolling out a network of reliable and convenient stations offering renewable biomethane fuels to heavy goods vehicles, with hydrogen and electricity to be added. By the end-2026 the target is to have 30-40 stations across the UK, while the long-term ambition is to become Europe's leading integrated supplier of alternative fuels for commercial fleets. For further information please visit www.refuels.local (http://www.refuels.local./).

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