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Road transport is one of the most significant sources of the EU’s greenhouse gas emissions; 77% of EU transport emissions came from road transport in 2020.

We know that more than 2,000 companies have already set net zero targets, but many find charting an ambitious, yet realistic, path towards decarbonisation challenging. Many businesses create emissions that simply cannot be avoided or absorbed.

Together however, we can navigate the transition.


A future where we are the catalyst for all commercial transport fleets across Europe being powered by 100% renewable fuel. Through our growing network of public access CNG stations, we want to empower companies to switch to green, clean and sustainable fuel to play their part in reducing harmful emissions, whilst reaping the benefits of our efficient, reliable and cost-effective service.


To deliver emission reductions, cost savings, increased efficiencies, noise reduction, long-term sustainability, and a safe service to companies running commercial transport fleets through our renewable biomethane product offering. Together, we can join the road to recovery.


CNG Fuels was founded in 2014 and operates the UK’s largest CNG refuelling network, while RTFS was founded in 2017 and is Europe’s largest supplier of unsupported biomethane to the transport sector. We’re proud to deliver biofuel to our loyal customer base across the UK, which consists of biomethane sourced from 100% renewable and sustainable waste feedstocks.

Our biomethane is independently verified and approved by the UK’s Department for Transport’s Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO), allowing our customers to accurately measure the carbon offsets within their transport fleet. This not only supports their green ambitions, but it also allows them to benefit from government incentives and communicate their commitment to a greener future to their customers, resulting in a positive reputation.

Our sites are already the UK’s largest capacity public access CNG stations, and we are continuously expanding our network of public access stations. This is so that we can empower companies to make more low carbon deliveries each day, and reach their net zero goals.

“Businesses play a critical role in our ability as a nation to reach net zero ambitions. By becoming more aware of their impact on the environment and the communities in which they operate, business leaders can strive to reduce their environmental impact, and help to combat world climate change.”

Philip Eystein Fjeld - CEO ReFuels

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