Driving fleet emissions to zero

ReFuels is driving heavy goods transport in Europe towards a low carbon future.

Developing, owning, and operating green station infrastructure. ReFuels is rolling out a network of reliable and convenient stations offering renewable biomethane (Bio-CNG) to heavy goods vehicles, with hydrogen and electricity to be added.

ReFuels is a fully integrated energy supplier dedicated to decarbonising Europe’s commercial fleet, consisting of CNG Fuels and Renewable Transport Fuel Services Limited (RTFS). The group is listed on Euronext Growth Oslo (ticker: REFL.OL).

CNG Fuels was founded in 2014 and operates the UK’s largest CNG refuelling network, while RTFS was founded in 2017 and is Europe’s largest supplier of unsupported biomethane to the transport sector.

Sites are already being secured with space for additional fuels, including hydrogen, and fast charging to support consumers to transition away from fossil fuels into a multi-fuel, zero-carbon future.

Company highlights

  • An integrated supplier of alternative fuels with a growing network of refuelling stations, supported by a blue-chip customer base
  • Offering renewable biomethane (Bio-CNG), the fast-track option for net-zero trucks with up to 90% lower emissions and reduced costs compared to diesel
  • Targeting 30-40 stations in the UK by end-2026, longer-term ambition to expand into other European markets
  • Stations can be adapted to a low-carbon multi-fuel future with hydrogen and electricity in addition to biomethane


Bio-CNG Station Network

We develop, own and operate 100% renewable Bio-CNG refuelling infrastructure and are rolling out a network of reliable and convenient HGV refuelling facilities across the UK. CNG Fuels is expanding its operations into Europe and adding multi-fuel capabilities to new refuelling sites to support our customers to achieve net zero.


Biomethane supply

We are the leading specialist in sourcing and supplying renewable biomethane for transport in Europe, and structure our supply chains to fulfil and optimise all sustainability criteria, based on the highest standards.

Executive Directors

Philip Eystein Fjeld


Baden Gowrie-Smith

CFO and Managing Director of Refuels

Jasper Nillesen

Managing Director of RTFS

Non-Executive Directors

Yvonne Visser-Stam


Chandler Hatton

Non-Executive Director

Carina Krastel-Hoek

Non-Executive Director

David Tuohy

Non-Executive Director