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Key Highlights

  • 13 operational stations with daily capacity for 5000 HGVs
  • 2 stations under construction in 2023 to boost capacity to 8000 HGVs
  • 1,600+ trucks refuelling daily at existing sites
  • Helping 80+ large customer fleets meet their decarbonisation goals
  • Dispensing renewable biomethane with a fleet carbon reduction of 90%

Why invest?

Attractive and scalable economics

CAPEX of GBP ~6-7m per station and expecting higher EBITDA contribution from future stations due to increased capacity and scale effects.

Growing market leadership

Market leader today and target of 30-40 stations in operation in the UK towards end-2026, supported by strong blue-chip customer base.

Fast-track option for net-zero trucks

Through 100% renewable biomethane (Bio-CNG), heavy truck operators can reduce emissions by more than 90% compared to diesel.

Green station infrastructure

Longer-term target of 100 stations in the UK and to expansion into other European markets; network of stations is adaptable to hydrogen and electricity.

Unlocking value from certificates

Fully integrated across the value chain, including sourcing and trading of biomethane and additional revenue stream from market-based certificates.

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Benefits of ReFuels

  • Meet your green ambitions
  • Long term sustainability
  • Reduced noise pollution
  • Save money
  • Fast refuelling time
  • Safety first
  • Benefit from government accreditation


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“Businesses play a critical role in our ability as a nation to reach net zero ambitions. By becoming more aware of their impact on the environment and the communities in which they operate, business leaders can strive to reduce their environmental impact, and help to combat world climate change.”

Philip Eystein Fjeld - CEO ReFuels

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Dedicated to decarbonising Europe’s commercial transport fleet.

CNG Fuels was founded in 2014 and operates the UK’s largest CNG refuelling network, while RTFS was founded in 2017 and is Europe’s largest supplier of unsupported biomethane to the transport sector. We’re proud to deliver biofuel to our loyal customer base across the UK, which consists of biomethane sourced from 100% renewable and sustainable waste feedstocks.

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