Refuels N.V.: Increase in the number of tradable shares

Reference is made to the stock exchange announcement made by Refuels N.V. (the "Company") on 12 May 2023, regarding the first day of trading on Euronext Growth Oslo and publication of Information Document.

As set out in the Information Document, a limited number of the Company's shares were not admitted to trading at that time, as the relevant shareholders had not yet established VPS accounts. Today, 79,450 shares, corresponding to 0.13% of the shares in issue, were admitted to Euronext Growth Oslo, following the transfer of such shares to the VPS. 459,408 shares, corresponding to approximately 0.75% of the shares in issue, continue to remain unadmitted to trading. Such shares will be admitted to trading at a later date. No changes are made to the share capital of the Company as a consequence of the increase in the number of tradable shares.

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