ReFuels publishes draft minutes and full results of 2023 AGM

ReFuels N.V. (ticker: REFL) ("ReFuels"), one of Europe's leading suppliers of renewable biomethane (Bio-CNG) for the decarbonisation of heavy goods vehicles listed on Euronext Growth Oslo, announces the publication of the draft minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (the “AGM”) which was held at Apollolaan 15, 1077 AB Amsterdam, the Netherlands on 30 August 2023 at 14.45 CEST.

The results of the votes on the proposals tabled at the AGM are as follows:
a) Total issued share capital of ReFuels: 60,815,872 ordinary shares
b) Total number of votes validly cast at AGM: 38,910,842
c) Percentage of issued share capital represented under b) above: 63.98%

Agenda itemVoted in favour (%)Voted against (%)Total votes (excl abstentions)AbstainedTotal votes
3 (b) – Adoption annual accounts 2023
38,910,842 (100%)0 (0%)38,910,842038,910,842
3 (c) - Discharge board members
38,910,842 (100%)0 (0%)38,910,842038,910,842
4 - Amendment remuneration policy board members
38,910,842 (100%)0 (0%)38,910,842038,910,842
5 (a) - Appointment Ms Krastel-Hoek as non-executive director
38,910,842 (100%)0 (0%)38,910,842038,910,842
5 (b) - Appointment Mr Tuohy as non-executive director
38,910,842 (100%)0 (0%)38,910,842038,910,842
6 – Discharge Mr Baldwin for liability for his responsibilities
38,910,842 (100%)0 (0%)38,910,842038,910,842
7 – Appointment external auditor for financial year 2024
38,909,757 (100%)0 (0%)38,909,757038,909,757

The draft minutes of the AGM are published on ReFuels’s website and are available for shareholders to comment (in writing, by email to on for a period of three months from today’s date, following which they will be adopted.